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GPS or GP-No

Sep 9, 2014

Technology is a marvelous thing. In the last century, humans have been able to accomplish more, understand things better, and share and transmit information at an almost unfathomable pace. That’s good, right? Right???

I had a tech-savvy co-worker who employed a GPS to navigate his route on trips, apply herbicide to invasive plants, mark out pasture trails and important landmarks. …

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Prairie Wool

Jun 3, 2014

I love native prairie. I enjoy the beauty of uncultivated, wild prairie wool and also feel that is has a sense of timelessness. Prairie landscapes are dynamic and always changing in subtle ways, yet remain unchanged in many other ways. There is an estimated 15-20% of Saskatchewan’s native prairie remaining, a good portion of which is located in southwest Saskatchewan. Land that was deemed too rocky, too desolate, or not ‘productive enough’ was left unploughed, and even referred to as ‘wasteland,’ a rather desperate-sounding and unaffectionate term.

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