DRT Lonesome Carnation 48C
Red Polled Purebred Gelbvieh Tattoo: DRT 48C Reg #: CDGV 155447 Birth Date: Feb 5, 2015 Act. BW: 82
 DVE Davidson PLD Fix It 35S
 DRT Lonesome Zepplin 1U
 DRT High Society 24S
DRT Lonesome Hall of Fame 38X
 LCS Davidson PLD Julio 432J
 DVE Davidson Ms Julio 91S
 DVE Davidson Miss 55J
 DEG Stockwell 05S
 WGG Whispers’n’Lies 138W
 WGG Kickapoo Contessa 116K
DRT Lonesome Meadowlark 113Y
 JRI Fully Exposed 270N83
 WGG Will-U-B-Mine 27W
 WGG Such a Lass 40S

2015 Fall
NCE Results
 Growth and Maternal   Intake and Carcass 
 CED   BW   WW   YW   MK   TM   CEM   HP   PG30   ST   DMI   YG   CW   REA   MB 
EPDACC 90.29 1.80.35 560.24 790.24 410.20 69 60.21 0.39 -0.71 11 -0.250.05 190.22 0.430.01 -0.170.02

This beautiful, dark red purebred heifer calf is sired by Lonesome Hall of Fame. Her mother, DRT Lonesome Meadowlark 113Y, is a youthful dam that features an outcross pedigree. This heifer has a moderate birth weight (82 lb), and has substance and good structure, is square-built and will be a productive female.