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Calm, Cool and in Control(?)

Apr 12, 2021

Prairie folk love a weather story. We mark certain years, even decades, by memorable weather events, and use storms or extreme temperatures or even winds as a yardstick for recalling other important happenings like weddings or births.

It’s easy to understand our prairie preoccupation with the weather given that it is responsible for making our lives inconvenient, drastically changing our …

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About the Blog

Jan 10, 2021

Tara writes a regular newspaper column about momming and ranching and a few things in between. Her family is proud to be a part of the beef industry and she enjoys sharing how they raise cattle on their farm and produce the beef that’s on your table. Come along and read about the western way of life… the good, the …

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What Not to Wear

Feb 16, 2016

We are smack dab in the midst of winter weather (of sorts). For many, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, windy, snowing, or darn cold – you’re outside whether you like the weather or not. My winter outfits may not always be in vogue, but I will note that I have yet to lose my ears to frostbite, and on …

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High & Dry

Mar 26, 2015

Spring is here, according to the calendar at least, and with the warmer weather comes everyone’s favourite season – tax time. After turning over a new leaf last year, I’m actually not terribly stressed with tax preparation for the past fiscal year. An odd turn of events, however, has me slightly preoccupied with the tax records from previous years…the past …

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2014 is Brought to you by the Letter B

Jan 7, 2014

I enjoy this time of year. I’m not especially fond of the very cold temperatures, but I like the idea of a New Year with new adventures. Starting a fresh calendar. Opening up a new unspoiled day planner, enjoying those first weeks of coffee-spill-free planning, using pages that haven’t yet been ripped out for busy kids to scribble on to …

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