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*2024 Sale Reference Sire DVE Davidson Steadyeddy 47H

Purebred Homozygous Polled Red Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 47HG Reg. No.: CDGV 172185 Birth: February 11, 2020 Act. BW:

Steadyeddy has proven himself to be a dynamic performance addition to our program. He adds that extra hip and muscle mass, a little more hair, and throws females with udders that exceed our high standards. He has a spectacular presence and carries himself well, every time we turned around, he is striking a pose that stops us in our tracks.

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*2024 Sale Reference Sire DRT Lonesome Yellowstone 175H

Purebred Homozygous Polled Homozygous Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DRT 175H Reg. No.: CDGV 173606 Birth: February 11, 2020 Act. BW: 82

Yellowstone has proven himself to sire attractive, well-balanced, smooth-fronted bulls with eye appeal. We’ve retained  dozen Yellowstone heifers which are also standouts in our replacement pen. Adding that extra look, he marks his calves well and he sired two show prospects including DRT Lonesome Sapphire Jewel 3L who won Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female at the 2024 NWSS in Denver, CO. He’s versatile, many of his sons could be used for either cows or on well-managed heifers. Yellowstone was raised by an extremely good cow, Lonesome Glass Slipper, who features slightly different bloodlines, and Julio 115F who goes back to the original Julio 432J, an iconic herd bull from Vernon and Eileen’s program.

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*2024 Sale Reference Sire DVE Davidson Tommy 70G

Purebred Homozygous Polled Homozygous Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 70G Reg. No.: CDGV 169421 Birth: February 14, 2019 Act. BW: 82

Tommy-sired bulls have been making everyone’s short list. He has been a good fit for our purebred program, his versatile qualities allow him to work on cows and work on heifers and he has definitely gone to work! His dual-purpose nature allows his sons to suit many types of programs and he will produce tremendous bulls and excellent females that will be hard to part with. His 2024 sons on offer have had notable gains and his sale offering averaged just 83 lb at birth.

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*2024 Sale Reference Sire DVE Davidson Like Gold 131H

Purebred Homozygous Polled Red Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 131HG Reg. No.: CDGV 172273 Birth: March 4, 2020 Act. BW: 86

Ross and Tara purchased Like Gold, a Cowboy son out of a Banjo daughter, to fill a gap for both heifers and cows. This bull has offered and provided extra style along with calving ease and vigour that everyone wants when calving heifers. He tends to produce clean-fronted, attractive sons and daughters. His sons had an average birth weight of 85lb at birth in 2023.

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*2024 Sale Reference Sire DVE Davidson Hat Trick 50J

Purebred Homozygous Polled Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 50J Reg. No.: CDGV 175056 Birth: February 5, 2021 Act. BW: 92

Impressed with Hat Trick’s ability to produce quality steers and heifers in our commercial herd, we pulled him into our purebred program and are excited about his first sale offering in 2024. This VIP-sired herd bull will continue to make an impact with another set of purebred calves expected in 2024.

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*2024 Sale Reference Sire DVE Davidson Jubilee 138F

Purebred Homozygous Polled Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 138F Reg. No.: CDGV 165819 Birth: February 26, 2018 Act. BW: 84

Your last opportunity to bring home a Jubilee son. For his final year in service, we bred him to some elite females and are happy with the outcome. Jubilee prospects pattern well, have an attractive phenotype, and once again were among the highest-gaining sire group among our 2024 offering. Jubilee puts capacity, ease of movement, length, growth, and depth, all in one package into his sons and the dozens of Jubilee daughters we have in our herd are proving to be fertile and reliable.

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*2024 Sale Reference Sire DVE Davidson Macon 111C

Purebred Homozygous Polled Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 111C Reg. No.: CDGV 154778 Birth: February 15, 2015 Act. BW: 78

Our last set of Macon bulls on offer, he will be missed! A proven calving ease sire who ambitiously covered many females every year for many years. Macon was dual purpose, working equally as well on mature cows. His calves always hit the ground running with vigour and strength, sensible birth weights and an ability to gain. We have dozens of Macon-sire females in production and they all have a good foot under them, including DRT Lonesome Champagne 32F who won Reserve Champion Mature Female at 2021 Canadian Western Agribition.

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DRT 193F, a Macon daughter, pictured as a 4-year-old.

Reference Sire DRT Lonesome Lucky Shot 324G

Purebred Polled Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DRT 324G Reg. No.: CDGV 169290 Birth: February 24, 2019 Act. BW: 85

We retained Lucky Shot to replace Ruttan, a herd bull that continues to have a lasting impression on the Lonesome Dove program through his daughters. Lucky Shot has a unique maternal pedigree that goes back to Cowboy. His dam is a female legend in our program, having raised notable cows.

Extended pedigree & EPD information

DVE Davidson Eastman 128E

Purebred Homozygous Polled Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 128E Reg. No.: CDGV 162424 Birth: March 3, 2017 Act. BW: 90

Eastman brought depth of body and capacity to his sons. While 2022 was the last sale we had his sons available for purchase, we retain several Eastman daughters in our herd today.

Extended pedigree & EPD Information

TIP Mr Epic 41E

Purebred Homozygous Polled Red Gelbvieh Tattoo: TIP 41E Reg. No.: CDGV 163675 Birth: February 9, 2017 Act. BW: 94

Lonesome Dove Ranch purchased this top selling herd bull from Thackeray Land and Cattle as an outcross sire. He was 2017 Reserve Senior Bull Calf Champion at Canadian Western Agribition. While no longer in service, we have several Epic daughters in production.

DVE Davidson Ruttan 117C

Purebred Polled Homozygous Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 117C Reg. No.: CDGV 154808 Birth: February 18, 2015 Act. BW: 88

Cattle producers appreciate Ruttan’s performance and smooth eye appeal. Over his career, Ruttan consistently bred plenty of females each season and he stamped his sons all the same. His herd bull prospects featured muscle, depth, thickness, hair and length and his daughters are exceptional. We have many in production and they have beautiful udders among many other characteristics. Ruttan sons are in service in both Davidson Gelbvieh and Lonesome Dove Ranch programs and in 2024, we are expecting a few more sons thanks to our 2023 AI breeding program

DVE Davidson Graham 20F

Purebred Homozygous Polled Red Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 20F Reg. No.: CDGV 165694 Birth: January 28, 2018 Act. BW: 78

We retired Graham in 2023 but he proved himself as a calving ease bull, and sired calves that were thrifty, stylish, and moderate framed. We currently have several Graham daughters in production.

Extended Pedigree & EPD Information

DVE Davidson Julio 115F

Purebred Homozygous Polled Homozygous Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 115F Reg. No.: CDGV 165795 Birth: February 17, 2018 Act. BW: 88

Julio’s final group of sons was offered in our 2022 sale. Julio offspring are smooth-made, streamlined, and have an attractive head. He had tremendous length of body and he put that length and growth in his sons while maintaining their moderate frames. His daughters are feminine and productive and currently in production on the ranch.

Extended Pedigree & EPD Information

DVE Davidson Sam 16D

Purebred Homozygous Polled Red Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 16D Reg. No.: CDGV 158238 Birth: January 29, 2016 Act. BW: 82

Over the years, Sam reliably sired stout, reputation red bulls that know how to grow. His final group of sons were offered in 2023. He was an attractive bull that put performance, capacity, hair and depth into his progeny – in spite of dry conditions, his sons consistently posted impressive weaning weights, as well as ADG and WDA. We currently enjoy several Sam daughters in production on the ranch.

Extended Pedigree & EPD Information

DRT Lonesome Hall of Fame 38X

Purebred Polled Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DRT 38X Reg. No.: CDGV 134640 Birth: February 5, 2010 Act. BW: 88

Hall of Fame was a long-time dependable sire for the Lonesome Dove program and demonstrated his longevity well. His dam was a long-time matriarch who consistently raised top offspring each year. Hall of Fame’s final set of bulls were offered in the 2019 sale. His sons have worked well in many purebred and commercial cattle programs. Hall of Fame daughters are fancy and productive and have found homes in some high profile purebred herds across all of North America. His daughters are some of our favourite dams on the ranch. He has sired past Junior Bull Calf Champion and Reserve Sr Heifer Calf Champion at Agribition.

DVE Davidson Worley 76B

Purebred Homozygous Polled Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 76B Reg. No.: CDGV 151412 Birth: February 16, 2014 Act. BW: 90

Lonesome Dove Ranch added Worley to their herd sire line up in 2015 and he had sons offered in the 2017 and 2018 bull sales. His progeny were exceptional and we retained many Worley females however due to an unfortunate injury, he was retired after the 2017 breeding season. At birth, his calves were ambitious, grew quickly and were phenotypically correct. Lonesome Dove donated a daughter, DRT Lonesome Bianca 40D, to the Man-Sask Gelbvieh Association at CWA 2016 in Regina, where she raised more than $8500!

DRT Lonesome High Roller 55W

Purebred Red Double Polled Gelbvieh Tattoo: DRT 55W Birth Date: Feb. 10/09 Reg #: CDGV131617 131617 BW: 90 lb

Sired by dependable Laredo, and a good, deep-bodied female for a mom, High Roller displayed incredible longevity and fertility throughout his career, siring seven calf crops for us, with progeny that averaged 86 lb at birth and nearly 1300lb yearling weights. In his final season he successfully bred 35 cows in really rugged terrain and maintained his condition throughout. His calves are consistent, growthy-type cattle. The 2018 bull sale were High Roller’s final set of sale bulls on offer. We retained many High Roller daughters in our herd, producing today.

DVE Davidson Deja-Vu 90N

Purebred Polled Black Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 90N Reg #: CDGV 94223 Birth Date: Feb 17/2003 Act. Birth Wt.: 90 lb

Deja Vu had a great impact on our herd, particularly with our females.  He could really make tracks, walking across the pasture like a cat, and really made his mark in our herd siring some fabulous black females.  He was retired following the 2009 calf crop but we appreciate his impact especially in our early Lonesome Dove progeny!

DRT Superb 16S

Purebred Red Double Polled Gelbvieh Tattoo: DRT 16S Reg #: CDGV 115114 Birth Date: Feb 12/2006 Act. BW: 90

Superb had a pedigree you wouldn’t find anywhere else!  His calves were built right, thick and square, and he was the sire of DRT Lonesome Lucky Penny 7W, 2009 Reserve Champion Heifer Calf at Farmfair International.  Superb himself is sired by the late great Tequila bull, who was honored as the 2004 Grand Champion at both Farmfair & Agribition; 2004 CGA Bull of the Year; and 2005 Supreme Interbreed Champion Bull at the PA Ag & Ex.  Superb’s dam featured a standout udder and was one of the very few Bacardi females in existence.

DVE Davidson Pld Laredo 138N

Purebred Red Multiple Polled Gelbvieh Tattoo: DVE 138N Reg #: CDGV 94273 Birth Date: Mar 15/2003 Act. BW: 92

Laredo was a main stay of the Lonesome Dove breeding program, and was retired in 2011.  Out of well-known herd sire Red Wrap, he has outcross genetics on the dam’s side.  Dependable Laredo was long-bodied, multiple polled and sired calves that had excellent disposition, are low in birth weight and high in performance.  Laredo females have particularly stood out in our program with superior udder conformation. We still retain many Laredo daughters in our herd today.  Laredo is also the sire of DRT Mambo 32T, who was retained for use as a herd sire by Lonesome Dove Ranch and Davidson Gelbvieh.